10 Facts About Me!

I’ve been writing this blog now for a couple of months, and most of my content has been related to my boy Sam, so today I thought why not tell you all a bit more about me, and there is no better way to do this than 10 random facts! I love reading these posts so thought I would give it a go myself!

My little family x
  1. I am the 2nd of six children – I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters!
  2. I gave birth to my baby boy in the back of my boyfriend’s car 8 weeks early (if you haven’t already go give my birth story a read it’s a good one just click here!)
  3. I passed my driving test first time and it was my proudest moment……(until I had my baby!)
  4. I went to primary and secondary school with my boyfriend and we were in all the same classes since we were 5, but didn’t get together until 10 years after leaving school when we met in the local pub!
  5. I’m a leftie and convinced my clumsiness is because I am a left-handed person living in a right-handed world
  6. I love meatballs – like I have a strange obsession with meatballs and make them at least once a week! Slow cooker meatballs are my speciality………yum!
  7. I once fell down a flight of stairs in a nightclub and left a shoe standing upright at the top of the stairs (it had ankle straps!! Still no idea how I managed that)
  8. I am petrified of statues, like ridiculously scared of them! (I once walked through a whole museum with my eyes closed being led around by my mum as I held onto her shoulder and yes I was an adult!!)
  9. I have 8 tattoos
  10. I like to think I am quite creative, I like to make my own cards and draw little figures – I used to sell my designs but haven’t made any in a while but would love to get back into making some!

Bonus –  I am a fully qualified nursery nurse and have worked in nurseries for the past 10 years so I thought it would give me a bit of head start into the big world of motherhood – but its so true nothing can prepare you for it!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂




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