Our Weaning Journey so far……

Weaning – one of the subjects I feel carries a lot of opinions and questions…..

When should I start weaning? Should I go baby led or puree? How much should I be giving my baby? Do they still need as many bottles? They questions go on and on……

I always said I would wait till 6 months when it came to weaning Sam, especially since he was 8 weeks early – I didn’t want to do anything that could upset his tummy or routine. But lately Sam decided otherwise.

It started a few weeks ago when Sam got his first cold. He was sleepy and grumpy and refusing more and more of his bottles. His usual was 5 bottles of 7 or 8 oz a day. But since he had been poorly he was taking the first 4 oz of a bottle like normal but then would refuse the rest, spitting out the teat and dribbling the milk down his chin. I was getting worried but he was happy and not losing any weight!

Then one Sunday I had miscalculated how many clean bottles I had left – a clue there was none!!! So cue one screaming hungry baby and one stressed out mama trying to quickly clean the bottles to sterilise in the microwave, then sods law – the microwave broke! Typical……

There was no way Sam would wait for the bottles to sterilise in the Milton cold water steriliser so I had to improvise. I dug out the packet of baby porridge I had bought a few weeks before and a bowl and spoon (lucky these had been sterilised and stored in a clean box) and made up a few spoons of porridge in hopes that it would tide Sam over till I could get a sterile bottle. Being only 19 weeks I never thought he would be overly interested but he loved it! In a matter of minutes he had finished the bowl (and by bowl I really mean a couple of spoons of porridge mixed with about an ounce of cooled boiled water) but none the less he ate it and loved it!

I didn’t want to overload his little tummy so I decided not to give him any more until he had gotten rid of what he had eaten (aka had a poo). After he tried porridge a few times and I knew it hadn’t upset his tummy, we decided to try some other food – namely veg.

Living up to my “Lazy Mama” name I went for pouches to start – our favourites for now are the Ella’s Kitchen (from 4 months) pouches. They are 100% organic and have no nasty added extras and best of all Sam loves them! his favourite is the parsnip, he also seems to really enjoy sweet potatoes and carrots – not so keen on peas though (can’t blame him I was even gagging a little just from the smell).

Last week we had an appointment at the hospital neonatal clinic and discussed weaning with Sam’s Doctor – he agreed that weaning was a good idea and to keep introducing new foods. I had been a bit concerned about starting weaning so early but after discussing it with the doctor I felt much better about our decision to start weaning early.

We’ve seen so many benefits since we started weaning, Sam is now in a much better routine and sleeps even longer at night (from 9.30 till around 8.00).

For now we just give Sam 2 small meals a day along with a 4oz bottle and an additional three 7 or 8 oz bottles. His feeding routine is for now:

8.00 – 7oz Bottle

11.30 – Porridge or Rusk and 4oz of milk

3.00 – 7oz Bottle

6.00 – Half Ella’s Kitchen Puree and 4oz milk

9.00 – 7oz Bottle


So far we are loving weaning! Hopefully soon we will start introducing some finger foods and start a bit of baby led weaning – for now though we are sticking to puree’s until he gets a bit better with the hand to mouth coordination.

Oh mummy I love my rusk!!!

When did you start weaning your baby? Did you prefer baby led or did you go down the puree route??

Stay tuned for more posts on weaning!!



Amy x




Disclaimer: All opinions on this post are mine, I have mentioned some brands but this is no sponsored post all opinions are my own and products have been purchased by myself. 

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