Haul | H&M Baby Boy Haul

We are off on holiday next week!!! So at the weekend we popped to the shops to pick up a few new things to take with us…….(well it was only supposed to be a few)

I looove H&M baby section, I used to even go and have a wee nosey at the clothes before I was even pregnant!

So off we went to H&M to pick out a few things for Sam…….

First thing I picked up was this cool blue superman logo jumper, if you have read my birth story you’ll know our little sam’s nickname is Super Sam so we had to get this for him! I cant find a link for this on the H&M website so hopefully if you like it will be in your local store.

We got this in size 4-6 month and was £8.99


Then we got a pack of 2 tshirts, these were £7.99 for the pair and are just adorable!! We got these again in a size 4-6 months! (Managed to find a link to these so click here to shop)


I’m probably being a little overly optimistic that the weather will be suitable for these in Scotland but I couldn’t resist!

These where both £8.99 and the cutest little sets I have ever seen! I cant wait to get Sam in to the banana ones!! Unfortunately there isn’t a link on the website for the banana print set but here is a link to the batman set (Click here).

I also couldn’t resist this cool hat, its still a little big for Sam but I think this will look so cute with a little t-shirt and jeans! (Again no link sorry – C’mon H&M.com!!!)

Cant wait to get photos of Sam in these! Look out for a baby style post coming soon!

Where is your favourite place to find baby clothes??





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