Lazy Mama Must Haves | Newborn Edition

Having a new baby is tough, so here is a few tried and tested products that I feel help make things just that little bit easier!

 1.Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the perfect prep lately on Facebook but I have to say I would be lost without mine! While Sam was in neonatal I expressed milk for him so when we switched to formula we struggled with getting a bottle to the perfect drinking temperature, resulting in a hungry crying baby and a stressed mama. But with the perfect prep we have a bottle ready to drink in less time that it would take to boil the kettle! Cue happy fed baby and a more chilled mama!

We got ours from ASDA during their latest baby event!

Click here to shop Perfect Prep

2. MAM anti-colic Self Sterilising Bottles

I  loooooooove these bottles! Not only do they look adorable with their cute designs but they are so practical. The self sterilising feature was one of the main reasons I picked these bottles, no need to faff about with a steriliser and Milton tablets, just assemble your bottle (in the correct way) and pop it in the microwave. **Full review of these coming soon**

Click here to shop Mam Bottles

3. Mothercare Bath Support

Bathing a newborn is one hell of a balancing act. So why not make it easier, this bath support is easily the best £10 we spent! Sam was not a big fan of the bath but with this support he was able to just lay back and relax, now bath time is one of his favourites.

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4. Muslins

You will need a loooooot of these. I use them for burping, cleaning up puke, as a blanket, comforter the list goes on. My favourites so far are the ASDA George or TU Sainsbury’s, both are well priced and wash up like a dream.

Click here to shop Muslins

Click here to shop Muslins 

Clockwise: Mam Bottle, Perfect Prep, Muslin Square, Bath Support.


5. Sleepyhead Deluxe

Sam was premature and spent just over 2 weeks in hospital, when he was in hospital he had a boundary (basically a big squishy sausage that surrounded him making him feel secure). So, when he came home and I put him into his Chicco Next to Me crib he looked so small and lost (bear in mind he was 4lbs 6oz when we got him home) After a few restless nights we caved and bought the sleepyhead and haven’t looked back since! He sleeps like a wee dream and has slept through the night since he was about 7 weeks old! Defo think we will be buying the bigger size once hes outgrown this one.

Click to Shop Sleepyhead Deluxe

6. Widgey Nursing Pillow

We were a bit late on the game with this one. My sister gave me this and I don’t know what we ever done without it! Its great for propping Sam up, for feeding so I don’t strain my back and even for tummy time! We got a new cover for ours from KIDLY  (white with grey stars) which matches his nursery and most of our décor!

Click to shop Widgey Nursing Pillow


7. Ewan the Dream Sheep

This had become another recent favourite, especially when someone is refusing a afternoon nap (not that it happens often – last little man!) or on a Sunday morning when I’m needing a few extra hours kip!!

Click here to shop Ewan the Dream Sheep


8. Chicco Next to Me Crib

I love this crib! Its so versatile, we used it as a bedside crib to start (with the side down) and now have it set up a regular crib. One of the features I love is how you can lower one end so baby is sleeping on a slight slope – great for refluxy babies like our Sam! We use ours with our sleepyhead which fits perfectly inside for one happy sleepy baby!

Click to shop Chicco Next to Me Crib

Clockwise: Widgey Pillow, Ewan the Dream Sheep, Sleepyhead Deluxe, Next to Me Crib.

What have your holy grail baby products been??




**Disclaimer – All products where purchased by us or gifted by friends/family!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Mama Must Haves | Newborn Edition

  1. Absolutely all of those things are our faves too! Except the bath seat which we are going to try coz Ru hates the bath!!! But we love:
    Sleepy head
    Mam bottles (and dummies)
    Chicco next to me
    Prefect prep
    Feeding pillow
    Muslins ( taking over my house )

    Another great wee thing is the milton dummy steriliser! A wee tiny ball with a sponge so dummy can be cleaned on the go and somewhere sterile to keep it! I think we have every gadget on the market im one of the suckers who will buy and try anything out there for babies. Can’t help myself! another great blog post lovely! Xx

    1. Oh We gave the wee Milton sterilizer too! Love it. There is so many things I’ve struggled trying to keep it to just 8! I could have gone on forever xx

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